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Nanoxidil As A Better Option for Hair Regrowth & Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is not an uncommon problem among both men and women and it is shocking to learn that in the United States alone around 21 million women and 35 million men suffer from hair loss with the numbers constantly increasing. In order to battle hair loss, medical researchers and doctors are continuously working on developing the most successful formulas to help both men and women tackle this embarrassing problem and regain their self-esteem. And it is quite obvious why, as around 47 percent of these unfortunate people would go to any extent just so they can have a good head of hair. There are many hair loss products out there and people are quite often unsure as to which ones are better than the others and which are the magical ingredients to look for in a hair product.

Minoxidil is among the most common and frequently used ingredients in the hair loss products and has been around in the industry for about 40 years. But as of recent, an ingredient called Nanoxidil is causing all the noise in the hair product industry as one of the most effective medications in battling hair loss. It is a fairly new product, and not a lot of medical studies have been done on it, but so far it has proven to be the upgraded and better solution to fighting hair loss.

So, what makes Nanoxidil a better option in fighting hair loss than Minoxidil? Let’s review the difference between the two.

As previously mentioned, Minoxidil is the most popular hair growth agent that is usually used as a topical lotion and helps treat hair loss. This ingredient helps both men and women in the battle against hair loss, and is usually used to treat androgenic alopecia.

If you are not familiar with the history behind the creation of Minoxidil, the creators Grant and Kahn did not originally develop Minoxidil to tend to hair loss issues. They primarily developed minoxidil as a medication to treat hypertension and it was FDA approved in 1979 as a hypertension management medication. During the clinical trials and different tests of the drug, they came to the conclusion that the subjects that underwent the treatment showed signs of stronger hair growth, and what they found was that it is all due to the presence of the Minoxidil. That us when Upjohn patented it as a hair loss treatment product.

As one of the most popular hair loss treatments, Minoxidil is most commonly used to treat the vertex area. However, aside from the great hair growth effects and positive outcomes, Minoxidil causes many side effects as well. Minoxidil can cause problems such as itching, redness, burning and irritation of the eyes, headaches, acne, local irritation, unwanted hair growth on other parts of the body and even worse, heart problems. Studies have shown that women tend to be much more sensitive to Minoxidil than men are, and therefore the highest concentration that is allowed for women to use is 2%.

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Why Nanoxidil is A Better Option?

Nanoxidil was actually developed on the basis of Minoxidil as a better agent to treating hair loss in order to bring out maximum possible hair growth, with less of the side effects than Minoxidil, while at the same time exceed the effectiveness of Minoxidil in hair growth stimulation.

Nanoxidil as an agent, is classified as an ion-channel opener, so his role is to open up the ion channels within the cells themselves. This way it causes changes on a cellular level in the hair, thus activating certain cellular mechanism and reduces or removes a good number of triggers for hair loss.

The difference between Minoxidil and Nanoxidil is on a molecular level. As the more recent compound, the Nanoxidil molecule is built with a larger molecular weight than Minoxidil. This is also the main reason why Nanoxidil is absorbed in the skin much easier and to greater extent than Minoxidil.

As mentioned before, it is a new product and as such, there is still not enough information on how effective it actually is compared to Minoxidil or what are some of the long-term side effects that the use of Nanoxidil may cause. However, clinical studies have shown that Nanoxidil has a significantly smaller number of side effects compared to Minoxidil while at the same time being much more effective.

Which Nanoxidil Product To Use?

One of the best products which contains Nanoxidil as a better substitute for commercial grade Minoxidil is the lotion called Spectral. DNC-N. Aside from that it contains also several other different ingredients such as Aminexil to fight perifollicular fibrosis, procyanidin B-2 that helps with the hairline, retinol which improves the product absorption into the skin, adenosine for cell optimization, and copper peptides which fight inflammation as well as herbal extracts to improve the overall scalp health.

Furthermore, it uses a Nanosome-encapsulation system which transports the compounds much deeper into the skin so that they persist longer and yield a better performance.

A lot of clinical tests have been made regarding the use of Nanoxidil, where the results show 28.6 % increase in hair growth in just 3 months, with the subjects reporting an overall improvement of the scalp condition. Along with these studies, Spectral.DNC-N as well has been tested in a clinical trial including over 250 subjects in a period of 1 year and has been proven to be a safe and effective way to prevent hair loss and maximize hair retention.

According to the results of the clinical trial, 80% of the people saw significant improvement after a medical evaluation had been performed, it helped 93% of the people decrease their hair loss and an amazing 83% of the people experienced hair regeneration as measured by quantity of hair per cm2.

Therefore, Nanoxidil is not only recommended for people who are dealing with severe hair loss, but also for people that want to retain their existing hair and prevent any possible hair loss problems.

Please note that the safest choice is to always consult a professional before opting for any hair loss treatment.

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