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DS Laboratories was started in 2007 with the goal of developing state-of-the-art solutions for the skin care and hair loss industries. The company is backed by serious research and development, with new product introductions driven only by genuine advances in technology and performance.

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DS Laboratories’ full line of products treat many common skin and hair care concerns, such as cellulite, hair loss, acne and other ailments, helping to restore beauty and health from head to toe.

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"After chemotherapy treatment hair loss my hair was returning but slowly. I was recommended non-sulfate shampoo. I had thick hair before Chemotherapy so maybe it would have come back the same as before anyway but it seems to have filled in much much faster than before using Revita. As a cancer patient I can tell you that perfumes and fragrances can be very nauseating. It's not too feminine or masculine smelling either."